The collection below reprsents various sites and links that will aide you in helping and understanding the material covered this year.  Please visit this page often, as there will be more links and resources coming as the year progresses.  

Third grade marks an important time in your childs education as they are transitioning from what is often known as the “lower grades” to the “upper grades.” It is a crucial time in their learning as they become more independent and mature learners. In my 3rd grade classroom, your child will progress from practicing basic skills to mastering them and moving on to further developing more complex skills. With your help, your child will become a more advanced reader, writer, mathematician and thinker. 

Each Topic is culimated with a vocabulary and spelling test
3rd grade Math Resources

Annotated Sample Test questions
ELA & Math
Brain Pop
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Discovery Education
Homework Help- English

Discovery Education
Homework Help- Math
3rd Grade ELA Resources